Freshman Comp 2- Writing About Literature

August 17, 2008, 3:18 am
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ENG 11102 EA

Freshman Comp II: Writing About Literature

Autumn 2008

M, 4:00-6:45 pm

Lauren Tamraz

Catalog Description

“In this second course in the sequence, students learn to read critically, to organize supporting details, and to develop coherent oral and written arguments. Fiction, drama and poetry are used as common texts. Research paper required.” Prerequisite 11101 (3 credits)

My Description

Freshman Comp II: Writing About Literature will challenge your analytical and writing skills gained in Comp I with rigorous reading and writing on various forms of literature. Students will be exposed to extensive multi-cultural and media works, have the opportunity to create and maintain their own websites, and successfully carry out research on a literary topic. There will also be continual extra-credit opportunities relating to the weekly theme. Approach this class like an artichoke: it appears thorny and time-consuming, yet within the layers of toil is the most delightful reward. You will get out what you put in, and your grades will reflect that effort. I am always here to help you.

Relationship to Program

This course meets the college-wide English requirement; it may also be applicable to several programs. Consult your advisor and the OCCC catalog for authoritative information.

Textbooks & Materials

Ø The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature, Meyer~ eighth edition ISBN 0312469594

Ø A Writer’s Reference, Hacker~ sixth edition ISBN 0312450257

Ø Loose-leaf Binder & Folder- You must be able to punch holes and put things in it, as well as write in class and remove papers to hand in. Please come with paper always.

Ø Always come with at least two writing instruments!

Course Objectives

Though primarily a *writing* course, we will spend a good deal of time reading, analyzing, and discussing materials. For full course credit, you must participate in various discussions and critiques, which will require you to be on top of all reading and writing assignments at all times.

Successful completion of this course will offer the ability to:

  • Think, read, write, and discuss critically fiction, poetry, and drama
  • Write focused essays on relevant and cohesive topics that exhibit college appropriate components
  • Perform college-level literary research and complete a corresponding term paper in MLA style

Attendance & Withdrawal Policies

You have chosen to take this class once a week—recognize that each class session covers a week’s worth of work! Your consistent presence in class is extremely important, and because of that, absences must be limited to emergency only. In accordance with the English Department’s policy, two absences may result in one final letter grade deduction for the semester; 3 absences may reduce it by 2 letter grades. More than 3 absences may result in a complete loss of course credit. Lateness or early departures from class are incredibly disruptive and inconsiderate to your classmates who have made the effort to arrive on time and participate for the entire class duration. Beyond one ‘grace’ lateness as a warning, every other lateness will be considered an absence. I ask that you please email me ahead of time if you must be absent. Regardless, you are responsible for all written assignments and readings on the syllabus and/or website upon your return to class, including all essays and journals. Always get in touch with me about missed sessions. Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from the course by the tenth week for a grade of W. Unless circumstances are extreme, withdrawals will not be issued beyond that. Please refer to the registrar’s rules for further withdrawal information.

Assignments and Grade Value

3 At-Home Essays 10 pts. each

2 In-Class Essays

(mid-term & final) 10 pts. each

Research Paper assignments 5 pts. total

Quizzes 10 pts. total

Research Paper 15 pts.

Journal 10 pts.

Class participation 10 pts. ~ 100 possible class points

Regardless of its point value, all assignments must be completed in order to pass this course.

At-Home Essays (10 points each)

Will focus on the short story, drama, and poetry. Essay suggestions will be distributed. I strongly encourage you to discuss your topics with me ahead of time.

In-Class Essays (10 points each)

Will compose your mid-term and final assignments. You will receive a piece of literature on which you will write a structured, formal essay exhibiting the skills you are building. Expectations will be explained at length during classes.

Research Paper Assignments (10 points total)

Will consist of 4 incremental pieces to be due at intervals. Includes a topic, thesis statement, research materials, and an outline. More information to come.

Quizzes (10 points total)

Throughout the semester there will be quizzes on the assigned readings. They will generally be unannounced and commence at the start of class. Quizzes will not be administered to anyone arriving after the session begins.

Research Paper (15 points)

Each student will successfully research a literary thesis and create a corresponding paper. This must be thoughtfully considered and attended to throughout the semester. Research papers will be penalized one letter grade per day they are late; you cannot receive a passing grade if you wait until the following class to hand it in. You will be given a great deal of guidance with your research, and I am always available for help through email and before/after class by appointment. Research grades may also be lowered with failure to turn in component assignments (i.e. outline, etc.)

Journals (10 points)

You are required to keep a journal in which you record your reading responses and develop ideas. This may be in your loose-leaf binder or in a blog, where our class website lives. I encourage you to strengthen your computer skills with a blog. We will go over setting up a blog in the first class session. Journals responses will be a piece of weekly discussions.

Class Participation (10 points)

Is essential for all students. It includes but is not limited to: whole class discussions, small groups, one-on-one journal dialoguing, and conferencing with me on your essay and research goals. Bringing everything required for class and using it falls under participation.

Essay Grading

A rubric will be given to explain the goals for each essay and should be used as a guideline for your writing.

Late Assignments

Just as you need to be present at every session, so do your assignments. All must be handed in at the start of the class. Assignments handed in after the class session will receive a half-letter deduction if emailed the same class day. Any assignments received thereafter will be reduced by one letter grade per class session late. For example: If you email a journal after you get home from class, it may only be an A- rather than an A. However, beyond the class evening, each class day it is late it will lose a letter to B, C, and beyond. There is no reason to lose points this way. I know you will all be responsible with your writing assignments.

Electronics Policy

Time in the classroom is limited and cannot be shared with personal distractions. All devices should be turned off and put away. Please be considerate of this rule.

Religious Observances

If you must miss a class for a religious purpose, please notify me in advance. This will not be a penalized absence if you notify me.

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

If you have a documented disability, please see me as soon as possible if you need accommodations. Please request that a letter be sent to me from Services for Students with Disabilities verifying your situation should you requires accommodations for this course.

Support Services

I am here to help you, as is the Writing Center and the tutoring staff. Please notify me as soon as you feel you may need help. The sooner you tell me, the more efficiently I will be able to help you. I am always available through email and for appointments before and after class on Mondays. For an appointment, please email me or schedule one during a class break on Mondays.

* * * If you have any questions regarding the information in this syllabus or the things discussed in class, please email me immediately! * * *

Course Schedule*

Weeks 1-4 Introduction, overview of course & assignments

8/25- 9/15 Review of fiction, reading closely, journal writing,

Short Stories Literary elements, Essay 1 Due 9/15 (short story)

Weeks 5- 7 Constructing thoughtful analysis of fiction and

9/22-10/6 Developing conclusions. In-Class Mid-term 10/6

Short Stories Introduction to the Research Essay

Weeks 8-11 Reading, analyzing, and writing about drama.

10/14-11/3 Essay 2 Due 11/3 (drama)


Weeks 12-15 Reading, analyzing & writing about poetry and

11/10-12/1 poetic forms. Research Essay Due 11/17

Poetry Essay 3 Due 12/1 (poetry)

Week 16 In-Class Final Essay



* All dates tentative and subject to change. I will notify you ahead of time as soon as I know of any necessary alterations.

Important Dates: Please note that we will not meet Labor Day, Monday 9/1 or Columbus Day 10/13. Instead we will meet Tuesday, 10/14.